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  • 2016-2017 Conversations

    Co-sponsored by the Shanker Institute and the American Federation of Teachers.
  • The 2016 Elections: What Do They Mean for American Education?

    Education has not been a high profile issue in the 2016 elections, but the results of the vote will have significant consequences for the future of American schools. On the subject of education, the differences between Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and Republican candidate Donald Trump, as well as the contrast between the platforms of the two parties, are stark. In an unprecedented attack on public schools, Trump has proposed diverting $20 billion in federal funding to vouchers for private schools and charter schools, and would eliminate a half-million teacher positions in public schools. The Republican Party platform has called for states to repeal the Common Core.Clinton has developed detailed proposals for expanding high quality day care and for reining in the costs of post-secondary education, and spoken of the need for charter schools to educate all students, including high need students. The Democratic Party platform has called for increased transparency for charter schools for transparency, and for charter schools to supplement – not replace – district public schools. Following the November 8th elections, our panel will discuss their impact on American education, from a number of different points on the political spectrum and a variety of policy perspectives on American education.Co-sponsored by the Shanker Institute and the American Federation of Teachers, this Conversation will be held from noon to 2:00 pm, 555 New Jersey Ave, NW, Washington, DC. 20001. Lunch will be served. Registration required.